What does Florigami mean?

Florigami is the combination of two words, Flora + Origami. 


Flora means "flower" in Latin. There was also a Roman goddess with the same name and she oversaw Spring and all flowering things.

Our greatest goal is to build a company that encourages human flourishing (also rooted in the same word). Through our work, we encourage the flourishing of the artists that design our products, the artisan folders that make our products, and our customer buy our products.

To that end, it is our sincere hope that our products help you and your relationships flourish as you enjoy the beauty and art of Florigami flowers.

Origami, the Japanese art of paper folding, is a practice we hold in deep reverence. Our passion for paper and its transformative abilities is boundless. We admire how a simple sheet can be meticulously folded into intricate designs, each crease and fold breathing life into a static material, turning it into a dynamic form of expression.

This admiration for paper art is at the heart of Florigami, inspiring us to create products that are not just objects, but pieces of art that embody the elegance, precision, and creativity that origami represents.

Our love for this art form drives every aspect of our brand, from design to execution, ensuring that every Florigami flower is a testament to the beauty and possibilities of paper.