Product FAQs

What are your flowers made of?

We make all of our flowers out of imported Japanese tant paper. Tant is renowned for its vibrant range of colors and subtle texture, is a favorite among origami artists for its ability to hold creases exceptionally well. Its slightly thicker composition compared to typical origami paper makes it ideal for intricate folds, enhancing the structural integrity and aesthetic appeal of our folded flowers.

All of the components of our flowers are made from a single pieces of tant - the main flower bud, the calyx (the part underneath the bloom), and the leaves. We use a floral wire to pull the entire flower together.

Why are your roses more expensive than real roses and other artificial flowers?

Each of our roses is meticulously handcrafted using high-quality, durable materials, ensuring they retain their beauty and structure far longer than real flowers, which wilt and fade. This process is incredibly time-intensive - each flower can take an hour or longer for a skilled folder to make. Each Florigami bouquet is 100% unique and made just for you.

Will my bouquet look exactly like the pictures?

Every single flower in our collection is individually handcrafted, leading to slight variations that make each piece unique. Upon receiving your order, one of our skilled designers will thoughtfully arrange your selection, and the positioning of each stem might differ slightly based on minor variations in each flower. Our bespoke approach ensures that while all of our arrangements look very, very similar to the photos, no two arrangements are exactly alike.

How do I unpack the bouquets?

Every bouquet we create is carefully hand-tied to ensure it arrives as an attractive, ready-to-display ensemble. After delivery, a few flowers might require gentle adjustment to bring out their full beauty. To unpack your bouquet, start by opening the box and carefully removing the vase (if included). Then, slide the bouquet out from the cardboard divider. Gently remove any packing material nestled among the stems, and place the bouquet into the vase or any container you prefer, ready for display!

Will the flowers ever fade?

Over time, all paper experiences natural fading, especially when exposed to direct sunlight. Fortunately, the Tant paper we use is fully saturated with ink and tends to resist fading better than most papers. However, if you want to keep your flowers looking as vibrant as possible for as long as possible, consider putting them in a shaded area. We don't recommend spraying the flowers with any UV spray as it may immediately discolor the paper.

How do I clean my flowers?

We recommend using a light duster or a hairdryer on a very light, cool setting to remove dust. We've also had success with light microfiber cloth.